Fraudulent Websites

We are aware of a number of websites using the POEDAGAR® brand name and trademark and offering fake or replica watches, or grey import watches which have not been approved for the UK or EU market.

Apart from also offering POEDAGAR® watches at well above their Recommended Retail Price, these websites do not appear to hold stock, fulfil orders or respond to after-sales customer enquiries.

It is not clear which countries these websites are operating from and they do not display a company name, registration number or registered address.

We do not recommend accessing, entering any personal/payment details on, or attempting to make purchases from any such website.

Please report any such website by emailing the website link or URL to or by contacting the National Cyber Security Centre using the following link:

Purchases made from websites or marketplaces other than those listed on the Authorised Retailer page of the Poedagar UK website are not covered by the Poedagar UK Guarantee.

All new, genuine and authorised POEDAGAR® watches purchased in the UK are supplied with a Poedagar UK Guarantee Card detailing the unique serial number and authenticity number of the watch, and are supplied with Energizer® batteries included.

Further information on the Poedagar UK Guarantee is available on the Guarantee page of the Poedagar UK website.